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My News L.A.: Sen. Bates' bill adds heinous crimes called legally 'violent'

February 16, 2017
State Sen. Patricia Bates revealed a list of crimes Thursday that would be covered under a bill that seeks to modify Prop. 57, which increased opportunities for parole of nonviolent felons and to allow judges, not prosecutors, to decide if some juveniles can be charged as adults.

Public CEO: California Lawmakers Seek to Revise Parole Reform Law

February 7, 2017
Sen. Patricia Bates, R-Laguna Niguel, wants protections against possible early release of sex criminals and other violent felons written into law.

Los Angeles Times: What is a 'violent crime'? For California's new parole law, the definition is murky -- and it matters

January 27, 2017
State Sen. Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel), who filed a bill to reclassify more than 20 offenses as violent felonies, said there must be a public discussion about the criminal charges she is proposing to add to the list, such as inflicting injury on a child or assaulting an officer with a deadly...

Wall Street Journal: California Governor Takes Defiant Tone

January 25, 2017
Some Republican lawmakers warned that a confrontational stance would only hurt the state. "It is critical for California's leaders to pursue cooperation instead of confrontation with the new presidential administration," said State Sen. Patricia Bates of Laguna Niguel.

Orange County Register: Hiring of Holder takes away from real issues

January 12, 2017
Sen. Patricia Bates, a Republican from Laguna Niguel, rightly points out that “California already has an attorney general’s office charged with defending the state and its laws.”

Los Angeles Times: California lawmakers to weigh harsher penalties for sex offenders who remove their GPS trackers

January 10, 2017
A bill reintroduced by state Sen. Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Nigel) would make it a felony for a person to tamper with any monitoring device affixed as a condition of parole, community supervision or probation.

Orange County Register: After racist vandalism at Pavion Park, Mission Viejo gathers to answer hate with love

January 10, 2017
Mission Viejo city leaders, Orange County Sheriff’s Department officials, representatives of Rep. Mimi Walters and state Sen. Patricia Bates, and Rabbi Peter Levi, the Anti-Defamation League’s regional director in Orange County, also were in attendance.

Associated Press: California enlists Eric Holder to defend against Trump

January 5, 2017
Sen. Patricia Bates, R-Laguna Niguel, called Holder's hiring "a waste," noting that the state Department of Justice has a staff of 4,300 people and an annual budget of $830 million.

San Francisco Chronicle: California Legislature hires Eric Holder to fend off Trump

January 4, 2017
State Republicans called the move a political stunt and questioned why outside counsel is needed given the attorney general’s office serves as the state’s legal team and the Legislature has an office of its own legislative lawyers.

San Clemente Times: Triton Football Parades Down Del Mar

December 22, 2016
Only in San Clemente can you find the type of passion and community support that was on display down Avenida Del Mar on Wednesday afternoon.