Current Opinion-Editorial

April 22, 2016
When Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a new law to increase the minimum wage 50 percent by 2022, it was hailed by some as an historic achievement that will reduce income inequality. But I fear that when the law is fully implemented, income inequality will remain virtually unchanged while making opportunity inequality even worse.
April 18, 2016
February’s sentencing of former state Sen. Leland Yee in a political corruption case closed a dark chapter in the history of the Legislature, and also presents an opportunity to close the legal loopholes that may allow such behavior again.
March 30, 2016
Re “Potent drug tied to fatal overdoses ” (Page 1A, March 29): Fentanyl has been making headlines nationwide and has contributed to other overdose crises, and potentially contributed to six deaths in Sacramento County. Fentanyl abuse has become a major problem in Orange County, portions of which we...